The National Biodiversity Data Centre would like to thank the following:

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) who funded the vegetation data audit in 2007 and who have funded all vegetation data entry in the National Biodiversity Data Centre to date. Special thanks are extended to Naomi Kingston, formerly of the NPWS, for continual advice and support during the development of the National Vegetation Database.

Stephen Hennekens (Alterra, Wageningen, The Netherlands) who developed Turboveg and who has provided constant support during the establishment phase of the national Turboveg database in Ireland.

Matthew Jebb of the National Botanic Gardens who provided an Irish plant list that forms the taxonomic basis of the National Vegetation Database.

The National Vegetation Database working group.

Thanks to the research officers who have worked on this project in the National Biodiversity Data Centre and made the database possible: Ellen O’Sullivan (2007-08), Colette O’Flynn (2008), Melinda Swann (2008-09), Nicola Foley (2010) and Lynda Weekes (2010-2017).

Most importantly, thanks to all those who have contributed data, without such co-operation and support, the National Vegetation Database would not exist.