• Irish Vegetation Data in 2012: Moving towards a National Vegetation Classification System

Final report on the National Vegetation Database at the end of the initial data capture-phase in 2012. It summarises and presents the vegetation data held within the National Vegetation Database (2012) to give a clear overview of the resource and includes recommendations for moving towards a National vegetation classification system. NVD 2012 REPORT

  • National Vegetation Database Manual

The National Vegetation Database: guidelines and standards for the collection and storage of vegetation data in Ireland (2010) was published by the National Parks and Wildlife Service as an Irish Wildlife Manual: IWM49-NVD

  • Standardised Field Recording Card

This is a basic recording card template, designed so that relevés collected will contain the minimum data for use within the National Vegetation Database. NVD Recording card

  • Data Sharing Agreement

Data providers are asked to review and agree the Data Sharing Agreement below before submitting data to the National Vegetation Database. This document governs use of, and access to, the data in the National Vegetation Database held by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Data Sharing Agreement

  • Datafields used in TURBOVEG

The tables below provide information on all existing data fields within the National Vegetation Database.

NVD default TV datafields

NVD general-use TV datafields

NVD additional TV datafields (contains more specialised data fields)

  • Metadata template

Metadata is required with each survey accepted into the National Vegetation Database.  The metadata are held in a separate database and maintained by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

NVD metadata template






  • Turboveg website homepage for the database management software designed for the storage, selection, and export of vegetation data.