Welcome to the web-pages of the Irish Vegetation Classification (IVC). The IVC is an ongoing project which aims to classify, describe and map in detail all aspects of natural and semi-natural vegetation in Ireland within a single, unified framework.

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The IVC should be of use to anyone with interests in areas such as habitat mapping, Annex I habitats, conservation research or impact assessment including field surveyors, scientific officers, environmental planners and managers, policy makers, students and academics. Through these web-pages, you can:

  • understand the background to the project
  • explore the current classification and access synopses of the defined communities
  • follow the progress on the production of the IVC and read about the methodologies
  • classify your own vegetation data using the dedicated web application, ERICA

This work is a collaboration between the National Parks and Wildlife Service, BEC Consultants and the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Funding has been provided by the NPWS.


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