Scientific name Nymphaea alba – Phragmites australis aquatic community
Common name White Water-lily – Common Reed aquatic community
Community code FW3A


FW3A map: Nymphaea alba – Phragmites australis aquatic community

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The floating-leaves of Nymphaea alba dominate this aquatic community and it is the only constant species. The other native water-lily, Nuphar lutea, is seldom found, but may be plentiful when it is. Amongst the lily pads, Potamogeton natans frequently occurs and less often there may be some leaves of Potamogeton coloratus or patchy Lemna minor cover. There is frequently an accompanying emergent component to the assemblage with Phragmites australis, Equisetum fluviatile, and Menyanthes trifoliata, and occasionally Carex rostrata or Typha latifolia.



This community has been found in mesotrophic, rather base-rich, lakes and coastal lagoons. It likely to have a broader niche but has been greatly under-recorded



No sub-communities are currently described.


Similar communities

Nymphaea alba dominates in no other communities. If Nuphar lutea is abundant, then the FW2Fiii Schoenoplectus lacustris – Sparganium erectum swamp Nuphar lutea sub-community should be considered.


Conservation value

This is species-poor aquatic community. Stands have been recorded from lagoons which correspondent with the priority EU HD Annex I habitat 1150 Lagoons*.



This is an unmanaged community. The main threat would appear to be eutrophication.