Scientific name Phragmites australis – Equisetum fluviatile swamp
Common name Common Reed – Water Horsetail swamp
Community code FW3E


FW3E: Phragmites australis – Equisetum fluviatile swamp   FW3E: Phragmites australis – Equisetum fluviatile swamp   FW3E map: Phragmites australis – Equisetum fluviatile swamp

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These are dense reed beds dominated by Phragmites australis which is joined only rarely by other tall swamp species such Typha latifolia and Sparganium erectum. Equisetum fluviatile frequently occurs in an understorey, where occasionally one may find Mentha aquatica, Menyanthes trifoliata or Agrostis stolonifera.



This swamp community is found in fairly basic and mildly eutrophic waters fringing lakes and lagoons.



No sub-communities are currently described.


Similar communities

Phragmites is found, perhaps unsurprisingly, in most of the communities in the FW3 Phragmites australis – Cladium mariscus group. It seldom, however, dominates the vegetation as strongly as it does here in this community.


Conservation value

This is a species-poor community. Stands of FW3E may occur fringing lagoons corresponding to the priority EU HD Annex I habitat 1150 Lagoons*,



These reeds beds maybe exploited locally on a small scale for reed harvesting. Threats to this community include eutrophication and drainage.