Scientific name Parietaria judaica – Tortula muralis wall community
Common name Pellitory-of-the-wall – Wall Screw-moss wall community
Community code RH1D


RH1D: Parietaria judaica – Tortula muralis crevice community  RH1D: Parietaria judaica – Tortula muralis crevice community  RH1D map: Parietaria judaica – Tortula muralis crevice community

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This wall community is characterised solely by the presence of clumps of Parietaria judaica. Cushions of Tortula muralis are frequently found growing nearby, as occasionally are some rosettes of Taraxacum officinale agg.


This sort of simple vegetation is found on dry, sunny stone walls in the lowlands where it can establish in cracks and crevices.



No sub-communities are described.


Similar communities

This is a straightforward community that is unlikely to cause confusion, although some examples may be transitional towards the RH1C Asplenium ruta-muraria – Cymbalaria muralis wall community.


Conservation value

Vegetation corresponding to this community is typically of relatively low conservation value.



This community does not require management.