Scientific name Bolboschoenus maritimus – Agrostis stolonifera saltmarsh-swamp
Common name Sea Club-rush – Creeping Bent saltmarsh-swamp
Community code SM6A


SM6A map: Bolboschoenus maritimus – Agrostis stolonifera saltmarsh-swamp

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This community represents swampy stands of Bolboschoenus maritimus which is the only constant species and strongly dominates. Agrostis stolonifera frequently grows beneath and can be plentiful but usually provides little cover, while Aster tripolium and Triglochin maritimum are occasional. Less frequently, the Bolboschoenus may be accompanied by some Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani, Phragmites australis or Elytrigia repens and these can on occasion be abundant.



This is a community of poorly-draining depressions and creeks of the upper saltmarsh and of estuaries. Conditions are base-rich.



No sub-communities have been described for this community.


Similar communities

No similar communities have been described.


Conservation value

This is typically a species-poor community.



These swards are typically unmanaged. They are probably too wet to be significantly impacted by grazing livestock. Sea-level rises as a result of climate change could potentially have an impact, particularly in areas susceptible to coastal squeeze.