Scientific name Poa annua – Plantago major weed community
Common name Annual Meadow-grass – Greater Plantain weed community
Community code WE1E


WE1E map: Poa annua – Plantago major weed community

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Much of the cover in this species-poor, open community consists of low-growing tufts of Poa annua, alongside which are found rosettes of Taraxacum officinale agg. and the broad leaves of Plantago major. Also frequently found here is some patchy growth of Lolium perenne, some Rumex obtusifolius, Senecio vulgaris or Sisymbrium officinale.


This vegetation is primarily found on relatively fertile soils in a range of trampled situations, along paths and tracks, in fields and gateways and on well-worn routes across grassland.



No sub-communities are described.


Similar communities

Poa annua is commonly found in several of the WE1 weed communities, but is at its most abundant here. The occurrence of Plantago major should serve as a good indicator.

Conservation value

Vegetation corresponding to this community is typically of relatively low conservation value.



The persistence of this community is dependent on trampling and regular disturbance.