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Phase 1 (Jul-Dec 2015)                   Grasslands division, development of ERICA & website

Phase 2 (Mar-Dec 2016)                 Woodland and saltmarsh divisions added

Phase 3 (Apr-Nov 2017)                  Heaths, bogs and rocky habitats divisions added

Phase 4 (Aug-Nov 2018)                 Fen and mire, freshwater and saline water divisions added

Phase 5 (Aug – Nov 2019)              Duneland, strandline, weed and scrub divisions


Updates to ERICA

Release of ERICA v1.0 (14th December 2015)

Release of ERICA v2.0 (12th January 2017)

Release of ERICA v3.0 (20th August 2018)

Release of ERICA v3.1 (14th September 2018)

Release of ERICA v4.0 (28th November 2018)

Release of ERICA v5.0 (3rd December 2019)

Release of ERICA v5.1 (30th March 2020)



Technical Progress Reports

IVC_Technical Progress Report No.1

IVC_Technical Progress Report No.2

IVC_Technical Progress Report No.3

IVC_Technical Progress Report No.4

IVC_Technical Progress Report No.5