‘Ireland2008′ is an Irish plant checklist that was specially constructed by the National Botanic Gardens for use within the National Vegetation Database. It includes vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens and charophytes and incorporates all known synonyms that have been used in Ireland. Ireland2008 was installed as a Turboveg dictionary by Stephen Hennekens and has been supplied with the version of the software distributed to Ireland since early 2008.

If your version of Turboveg does not come with Ireland2008 as default, please contact the National Biodiversity Data Centre and we will provide you with a copy for installation.

All data held in the National Vegetation Database is based on this taxonomy. Existing Turboveg databases that have been compiled using other checklists can be incorporated into the system, but will be updated to follow ‘Ireland 2008’. All taxonomic updates to the dictionary [Ireland2008] are controlled by the National Botanic Gardens. Outside this, the checklist is managed as a working dictionary for the National Vegetation Database by the Data Centre.