Turboveg for Windows is a comprehensive database management system designed for the storage, selection, and export of vegetation data (relevés). It was developed by Stephen Hennekens (Alterra, Wageningen, The Netherlands) and is now installed in more than 30 countries. In 1994 it was accepted as the standard computer package for the European Vegetation Survey. It is available for private use and for students.

Turboveg is optimised for export to a range of analytical tools (including JUICE, PC-ORD, R) for vegetation analysis and classification purposes and can also be linked to an information management system that includes spatial data (e.g. DMAP).


Basic instructions on getting started with Turboveg can be downloaded here: Using Turboveg – basic instructions. More detail on the use of Turboveg can be found in the Irish Wildlife Manual no.49 published by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. These sources should not replace the official Turboveg online software manual

Creating A TURBOVEG Database that is Compatible with the National Vegetation Database:

  • Make sure your relevé data contains, at a minimum, the following mandatory information: cover abundance scale used, date, relevé area (m2), grid reference, and recorder.
  • Use the standardised Irish plant checklist ‘Ireland2008’. If you obtained Turboveg in Ireland after 2008 this will be the default dictionary within your version of the software. If you obtained the software before 2008, please contact the Data Centre and we will provide a version of the dictionary for installation.
  • If you are creating new data fields (e.g., pH, land-use) to store information in addition to the default fields within Turboveg, please consult the tables below which provide information on all existing data fields within the National Vegetation Database.

NVD default TV datafields

NVD general-use TV datafields

NVD additional datafields – This file contains more specialised data fields created and used within the National Vegetation Database. There are more than 300 additional data fields that have been created to store almost 30,000 relevés currently in the National Vegetation Database. They are arranged by type so that you can look through the table and find if the field you need is currently in existence. If it is, we ask that you name and create it using the details in the table so that Irish vegetation data is standardised (within Turboveg a new data field is created by selecting ‘database’ and ‘modify structure’). The table only applies if you are creating a data field that is already in existence.

  • Store background metadata with your Turboveg database Submitted data should be accompanied by a completed metadata table giving background information about the dataset. NVD metadata template