One of the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s strategic objectives is to serve as national hub for the storage, display and dissemination of biodiversity data. There are two main ways for users to explore data on Ireland’s wildlife:


1. Ireland’s Citizen Science Portal.

This provides users the opportunity to view biodiversity data in real-time as it is being recorded. However, users should be mindful that any data which is visible within the portal may be unvalidated data, meaning there may be erroneous records visible within the portal which have not yet been filtered out of the database.

Ireland's Citizen Science Portal
Ireland’s Citizen Science Portal. Click on image to visit.



2. Biodiversity Maps.

This portal provides users with access to information on Ireland’s biodiversity which has been verified and validated, so that it can serve as a trustworthy source of high quality data on Ireland’s biodiversity.

Biodiversity Maps
Biodiversity Maps. Click on image to visit.



Further information on Biodiversity Maps can be found at the following link. If users need any assistance using the portal for interrogating species and datasets, or for tips and guidance on using the mapping tool and species reporting functionality please visit the Help section of Biodiversity Maps for further information. If you wish to download data from the National Biodiversity Database, please our webpage for Obtaining data downloads.



Video: Mapping Ireland’s Biodiversity

An introduction to Biodiversity Maps, Ireland’s biodiversity and mapping portal.