Download as CSV

In line with international best practice, the Data Centre is moving towards making as much as possible of the data available as open data, licensed under Creative Commons with attribution (CC-BY).

Datasets licensed as CC-BY can be downloaded directly in comma separated value (csv) file format by clicking on the Download as CSV button that is visible when browsing through datasets in Biodiversity Maps. Interested in a particular dataset? Browse for it here.

If the selected dataset happens to be published under a restricted license then a message will be displayed showing the registered dataset contact and their contact details. The user can then further their request with the dataset contact directly.


Downloading biological data from Biodiversity Maps
Want to download data on Ireland’s biodiversity? Look out for the datasets licensed CC-BY – you’ll be free to download these from Biodiversity Maps. You will have to contact the data provider for any datasets with a restricted licence however. Click image to enlarge.