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Spring flowering plants project: can you help by submitting records of these plants in 2019? This recording initiative is a collaboration between the Data Centre and the BSBI: see list of 14 species

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Spring Flowering Plants_ID Guide

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Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) L. Lysaght Dog-Violet-Common-2_Zoe Devlin Cowslip-2_Zoe Devlin Dog-violet-Early-5-13_Zoe Devlin

Orchid-Early-Purple-1_Zoe Devlin Cuckoo-Flower-4_Zoe Devlin Ficaria verna_Zoe Devlin Lords-and-Ladies_llysaght

Primula_vulgaris_llysaght Toothwort-6_Zoe Devlin Wild Garlic_Paul Green Heliotrope Winter_Zoe Devlin

Wood anemone (E. W. Delaney) Sorrel-Wood-1_Zoe Devlin

The aim of the National Vascular Plant Database is to build a picture of Ireland’s flora and to help drive plant conservation in Ireland through better data


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