Anthyllis_vulneraria_llysaghtThe aim of the National Vascular Plant Database is to centralise information on the distribution of Ireland’s plants.  Plants are the cornerstone of our ecosystems, and the foundation on which many components of Irish biodiversity are reliant for food and/or shelter. Understanding the distribution and status of Irish plants is not only essential for plant conservation, but also for the effective conservation of many other elements of our biodiversity from mammals, to birds to pollinators.

Data is collected at considerable time, expense and expertise; often in a voluntary capacity.  In the current climate, more than ever before, we need to ensure that we use data effectively.  Data always belongs to the providers, but by collating and centrally managing Irish data we can all be better prepared to address the future challenges that Irish plants face.

Data is not combined within the centralised vascular plant database.  All data is maintained within individual data sets which come together to feed overall distribution maps.  The data set filtering option within Biodiversity Maps allows the user to turn on or off individual data sets.