All data collated for the National Vascular Plant Database will pass through strict validation processes.  Given the size of the database this is a part automatic, part manual process.  Validation will be led by the Data Centre and supported by experts.

  • All data will be automatically cross checked against the published Atlas of the British and Irish Flora (Preston, C.D., Pearman, D.A., Dines, T.D., (Eds.)  2002.  New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora. Oxford University Press: Oxford;  Any species that have not been previously recorded within a hectad (10km2) will be flagged and manually checked.
  •  A cohort of rare/protected/problematic species will also be manually checked before addition to the National Vascular Plant Database.
  • If you find errors in any of the vascular plant data displayed through Biodiversity Maps, please contact us so that we can work with data providers to correct those.
  • If any BSBI vice county recorders wish to receive data for their county and assist with validation please get in touch.