These are general recording cards that mimic the lists of pre-loaded plant species on the site based online record submission system.  The idea is that these recording cards can be printed and used to record plants in the field. The online data submission forms can then be used to submit the records to the National Vascular Plant Database.

Recording form basic:  This card has ~260 commonly recorded plant species.  It is ordered by common name.

Plant recording card (basic)

Recording form advanced:  This card has 900+ species.  It was originally based on RP31, a general recording card for Ireland that was created by the Botanical Society of the British Isles and previously made available through the Biological Records Centre in the UK.  It has been edited significantly to reflect current recording needs and all taxonomy has been updated.  It is ordered by scientific name

Plant recording card (advanced)

All data can be submitted to the National Vascular Plant Database through the online data submission system.