It might come as a surprise but there is still a great deal to learn about Ireland’s biodiversity, and how species are distributed across the country. We even know less about how biodiversity is changing over time. All reliable sightings of species are valuable, as this information can be used to piece together a better picture of what biodiversity we have, and to better understand the biodiversity value of different sites.


The National Biodiversity Data Centre, working with its partner organisations, runs a number of monitoring programmes and surveys to begin to fill some of the gaps in our knowledge on Ireland’s biodiversity. Anyone with an interest in biodiversity recording can participate, and records are always valuable. The surveys range from single species surveys of species that are of high conservation value, to Atlas projects which aim to generated detailed distribution maps of all the species in a taxonomic group. For people who wish to do more systematic recording, the National Biodiversity Data Centre manages a number of monitoring schemed, which require people to do repeat visits to given sites in order to detect population changes over time, and for some programmes, habitat changes over time.


No matter how much time you have available to contribute records, or what is your level of skill, there is a survey that will suit you. Click on the tabs to the left to find out more.