The Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme shows that this is the peak week for butterfly activity. To coincide with this we are running a Butterfly Bash, where we want everyone to submit details of butterfly they see between now and the end of July. This will improve our knowledge of butterfly distribution in Ireland, and could provide very valuable information on the distribution of brimstone, comma, gatekeeper and small copper in particular.  It will also be interesting to see which county can record the most butterflies over the next ten days.

Butterfly Bash Progress

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We hope to use this challenge to give an indication of how many people record butterflies in Ireland, and where are the main gaps in coverage so we can better plan our training & workshop programme for 2017. It will also help us to gauge if there is interest and capacity within Ireland to consider commencing an Atlas of Butterflies in Ireland project next year.

Butterfly phenoloy in Ireland

Butterfly records received  in 2016

Gatekeeper distribution

Comma distribution

Large heath distribution

Small copper distribution