The National Biodiversity Diversity Centre has an annual award, the Distinguished Recorder Award, to recognise individuals or organisations who make an outstanding contribution to biological recording in Ireland. The award is open to both professional and amateur recorders who give of their time and expertise generously to encourage recording, in the time honoured tradition of natural history.

The roll of honour is:

2016 – Zoë Devlin

2015 – Padraig Whooley

2014 – Dr Joanne Denyer & Dr Tom Gittings

2013 – Mr Angus Tyner

2012 – Dr Don Cotton

2011 – Dr Tina Aughney & Dr Roy Anderson

2009 – Mr. Paul Green

2008 – Mr. Ken Bond


tom_gittings_joanne_denyer Angus Tyner
 Don Cotton Tina Aughney & Roy Anderson
 Paul Green  ken_bond