Biodiversity is all around us. Everywhere, there are species living out their lives in our local areas, providing valuable services such as pollination, decomposition, nutrient recycling and pest control. Species come in all shapes and sizes, and many bring us great joy to find and look at. The National Biodiversity Data Centre manages a large dataset on local biodiversity and everyone can gain access to this information through the data and mapping portal Biodiversity Maps:

During Heritage Week the National Biodiversity Data Centre will be encouraging everyone to find out what is already known about biodiversity 1km from home and use this information to explore and engage with biodiversity on your doorstep. The project will involve the Data Centre producing social media content to demonstrate how to access information in your local area through Biodiversity Maps, and to show how people can engage with biodiversity recording to add to this information, by taking them through a learning experience during Heritage Week.

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Details of all the events can be found on the National Heritage Week website