Recording Ireland’s Wildlife: A Beginner’s Guide

The National Biodiversity Data Centre works to make biodiversity data and information more freely available to better understand and protect Ireland’s biodiversity. However, we are completely reliant on the generosity of our recording community to dedicate their time to take part in our recording schemes.

In an effort to recruit and support new members of our recording scheme we have developed a ‘Beginner’s Guide to recording’. Having a strong recording community is an essential step in protecting our biodiversity.

Recording Ireland’s Wildlife: A Beginner’s Guide

What’s inside?

  • Learn what biodiversity is
  • Why is biodiversity recording so important?
  • Recording schemes suitable for beginners
  • Learn about Explore Your Shore!
  • The role of the National Biodiversity Data Centre on Invasive Species
  • How to record pollinators
  • How to record butterflies

If you have any questions on any of the recording schemes, never hesitate to get in contact at

Niamh Phelan,

Biodiversity Engagement Officer