Annual Meeting of Irish Freshwater Biologists 2016
Friday, 4th March
Schrodinger Lecture Theatre in the Physics Building, Trinity College, Dublin.

09:00-09:25 – REGISTRATION
09:25 Welcome & overview – Ian Donohue (Trinity College, Dublin)

Session 1. Multiple Stressors in Irish Freshwaters (talks=12 minutes + questions) – Pascal Sweeney (Chair)

9:30 – How multiple stressors affect habitat and water quality for freshwater pearl mussels – Evelyn Moorkens
9:45 – Addressing multiple stressors in freshwaters at the local level in Ireland through a new water governance arrangement – Fran Igoe (Local Authority Water and Communities Office)
10:00 – Retrospective examination of the effect of multiple stressors on macroinvertebrates in Irish rivers – Martin McGarrigle (Limnos Consultancy)
10:15 –Identifying key stressors among the pack – Rossa O’Briain (Inland Fisheries Ireland)

10:30 – Partitioning the impacts of multiple stressors on the freshwater dynamics of salmon, trout and eel – Elvira de Eyto (Marine Institute)
10:45 – The Stonefly (Plecoptera) of Ireland – Overview by Hugh Feeley & launch of hte atlas by Micheal Starrett (The Heritage Council)


Session 1 cont’d. Multiple Stressors in Irish Freshwaters (talks = 12 minutes + questions) – Ian Donohue (Chair)

11:30 – The relative and combined impacts of point and diffuse nutrient pressures on stream ecology: a five year study in agricultural catchments – Mairead Shore (Teagasc)
11.45 – The impact of a summer flood event on macroinvertebrate communities in a number of Irish catchments; sediment or flow stressors? – Liz Conroy (University College Dublin)
12:00 – Realised epilithic algal biomass in running waters: a function of grazer pressure nutrient enrichment and hydraulic disturbance – Simon Harrison (University College Cork)
12:15 – The impact of hydrochemical disturbances on the ecology of headwater streams in agricultural landscapes – Stephen Davis (Teagasc/UCD)
12:30 – Warming can enhance invasion success through asymmetries in energetic performance – Marcin Penk (Trinity College Dublin)
12:45 – Why is the crayfish population expanding in the Munster Blackwater? – Pascal Sweeney (Sweeney Consultancy)

13:00 – LUNCH

Session 2 Well advanced research (talks = 8 minutes + questions) – Simon Harrison (Chair)

14.00 – Outbreak of the Crayfish plague in the Erne: status and implications – Ciaran O’Keeffe (National Parks and Wildlife Service)
14.10 – Dietary preferences of the plecopteran species Leuctra inermis for pollen of different tree species – Cormac McConigley (University College Dublin)
14:20 – Is riparian vegetation important in low nutrient upland stream systems? – John O’Driscoll (University College Cork)
14:30: – Blackpool Cork City a focus for Otters Lutra lutra and probable stress from proposed flood relief scheme – Dr Paddy Sleeman (University College Cork)
14.40 – Going with the flow: Invasive Species, Biosecurity and Irish Canoeists – Ronan Cooney


Session 2 cont. Well advanced research (talks = 8 minutes + questions) – Mary Kelly-Quinn (Chair)

15:10 – The relationship between land-use change and high status water bodies – Gabriel Gaffney (Ulster University)
15:20 – Predicting lake alkalinity and depth for classifying Irish lakes using the Water Framework Directive typology – Dr Caroline Wynne (Trinity College Dublin/RPS Group)

Session 3. New and ongoing research (talks = 3 minutes + questions) – Mary Kelly-Quinn (Chair)

15:30 – Sustainable land-use management for the conservation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel: Sediment Flux and Provenance – Karen O’Neill (Teagasc/University of Dundee)
15:35 –Support from and for the Data Centre – Liam Lysaght (National Biodiversity data Centre)

15:45 – OPEN DISCUSSION & FINISH – Ian Donohue (Chair)