1st Annual Meeing of Irish Freshwater Biologists

12 March 2010, UCD

Session 1

State of Knowledge on the Irish Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Fauna – Dr Mary Kelly-Quinn

Challenges in the Building and Maintenance of Taxonomic Expertise: The Chironomidae – a Case Study – Dr Declan Murray

Bugs in the System – Dr Brian Nelson

PESI – How many species are there in Europe? – Dr Roisín Nash

Filling a Knowledge Gap: Freshwater Oligochaetes – Pascal Sweeney

Session 2

Current freshwater research in the School of Biological Sciences, Queen’s University – Dr Chris Harrod

Current freshwater research in the School of Biology & Environmental Science, University College Dublin – Dr Mary Kelly-Quinn

Current freshwater research in Department of Applied Sciences, Dundalk Institute of Technology – Dr Eleanor Jennings

Overview of EPA-funded freshwater research – Dr Alice Wemaere

Research activities of the Central Fisheries Board – Dr Cathal Gallagher

Multiple stressors on irish freshwaters: Quantifying impacts, understanding responses and recommending management (research at UCC) – Dr Simon Harrison

Current freshwater research in the School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin – Dr Ken Irvine

Recent and ongoing freshwater biological research by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland – Chris Barry

Session 3

Phytoplankton communities in turloughs: seasonal succession and relationships to environmental variables – Helder Pereira (TCD)

Biodiversity investigations into freshwater invertebrates and plants – Dr Julian Reynolds

Epilithic river diatoms of Milltown Lake’s catchment, Co Monaghan – Niamh Sweeney

Charophytes and their role in the vegetation of Irish lakes – Dr Cillian Roden

Biological recording and the drivers of change in freshwater – Dr Roy Anderson