Annual Meeting of Irish Freshwater Biologists 2011

5th March, Medical Biology Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast

Session 1

Bad Biology, Good Chemistry: Contrasting evidence for water qualiry recovery in streams– Dr Bob Foy (AFBI)

High Resulution Instrumented Platforms capable of Sensing key Limological Variables– Elizabeth Ryder (DKIT)

A novel approach to mitigation of effects of hydropower dams on downstream migrating eels – Ruairí MacNamara (QUB) (not available as download)

MRavinet_Freshwater_Biologists_March_2011– Mark Ravinet (QUB)

Session 2

Effects of altered habitat structure on littoral macroinvertebrates – Tamara Jurca (TCD) (not available as download)

As dull as ditch water? – Elevating the status of the undervalued drainage ditch – Dr Jane Kavanagh

The dynamics of iron deposition in streams and its effects on aquatic ecology – Dr Katrina Macintosh

The use of water beetles in habitat assessment: progress towards an Irish manual – Dr Brian Nelson (NPWS), Prof Garth Foster, Dr Áine O’Connor (NPWS)

The use of behaviour in studies of freshwater ecology – Dr Jamie dick (QUB)

Songs from the Waters of Pollardstown Fen – Dr Tom Lawrence (DCU)

Session 3

Motorway construction: Assessing the impact of sediment on Salmo trutta eggs – Letizia Cocchiglia (UCD)

The Lough Derg Native Fish Biodiversity Project – Dr Fran Igoe (Irish Char Conservation Group)

Roach in Ireland – trophic flexibility of a successful invader – Dr Brian Hayden (QUB)

An atlas of freshwater fish in Irish lakes – Dr Úna Fitzpatrick (NBDC)

Nutrient enrichment and stream salmonids in Ireland– Dr Conor Graham & Dr Simon Harrisson (UCC)

A stitch in time – early warning system for invasive species – Colette O’Flynn (NBDC)

Session 4

Selective bait trapping: A novel approach to sampling lake benthic invertebrates – Dariusz Nowak (NUIG)

Landscape characteristics determine whether ecosystems are stabilized or destabilized by nutrient enrichment – Dr Ian Donohue (TCD)

Key biodiversity hotspots for freshwater invertebrates – Dr Eugenie Regan (NBDC)