Annual Meeting of Irish Freshwater Biologists 2012

2nd of March 2012 – Joly Lecture Theatre, Hamilton Building, Trinity College Dublin

Session 1

Finer-scaled bioclimatic envelope models for Ireland’s peatlands and wetlands – Dr John Coll (NUI, Maynooth)

The effects of changing climate on survace water acidification in headwater streams – Hugh Feeley (UCD)

Impacts of climate on export of DOC from a peatland catchment – Elizabeth Ryder (DKIT)

Evidence for climate forcing of nitrate loadings and diatom productivity – Dr Bob Foy (Agri-food and Biosciences Institute)

Freshwater invertebrate publications by the Irish Biogeographical Society – Dr Patrick Ashe (Irish Biogeographical Society)

Session 2

Growth of juvenile salmon and the implications of warming temperatures – Dr Elvira de Eyto (Marine Institute)

Direct and indirect effects of riparian canopy on Atlantic salmon and brown trout – Dr Simon Harrisson (UCC)

Forestry impacts on stream health: the importance of catchment type – Dr Simon Harrisson (UCC)

Quantifying the effect of semi-natural riparian cover on stream temperatures – Diarmuid Ryan (UCD)

Riparian management impacts on macroinvertebrate resource utilisation in upland streams – Chris Barry (Agri-food and Biosciences Institute)

The impact of conifer plantation forestry on Cladocera communities of blanket bog lakes – Tom Drinan (UCC)

Session 3

Conifer plantation forestry implacts on brown trout in Irish peatland lakes – Dr Conor Graham (UCC)

Ireland-only invertebrates: what are they and where do theyt occur? – Dr Brian Nelson (NPWS)

Monaghan’s wetlands – from surveys to policy and protection – Will Woodrow (Woodrow Sustainable Solutions)

Response of underwater vegetation of marl lakes to ecological pressure – Dr Cilian Roden (GMIT)

Development of ecological modelling tools for lake management – Dr Katrina MacIntosh (University of Ulster) & Dr Louise Vaughan (Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute)

Cyanotoxins in Irish lakes: detection and environmental change – Dr Karen Mooney (Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute)

Phosphorus eutrophication in an inter-drumlin lake: causes and effects – Lucy Crockford (TCD)

Session 4

Mapping Ireland’s biodiversity – Lynda Weekes (National Biodiversity Data Centre)

Ireland Red List No 5: Amphibians, Reptiles and Freshwater Fish – Dr James King (Inland Fisheries Ireland)

Environmental supporting conditions for groundwater dependent terrestrial ecosystems – Dr Sarah Kimberley (TCD)

Invasives in Ireland’s freshwater – Colette O’Flynn (National Biodiversity Data Centre)