Annual Meeting of Irish Freshwater Biologists

Friday, 6th March, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

09:00-09:25 – REGISTRATION

09:25 Welcome & overview – Dr Heather Lally, GMIT

Session 1: Rare or threatened aquatic species
(talks = 12 minutes + questions) – Dr Mary Kelly-Quinn (Chair)

09:30 The unknown knowns amongst the Irish Aquatic Invertebrates; are they still here? – Dr Brian Nelson, NPWS

09:45 Habitats Directive fish: problems for samplers! – Dr Jimmy King, Inland Fisheries Ireland

10:00 The development of novel sampling protocols for endangered fish species in Irish lakes: Trials and Triumphs – Emma Morrissey, Inland Fisheries Ireland

10.15 The freshwater pearl mussel (FPM) – how to protect a critically endangered species – Dr Evelyn Moorkens

10.30 Freshwater Pearl Mussel conservation in “non priority catchments” – Dr Fran Igoe, IRD Duhallow Life+ project

10:45 Rare and threatened vascular plants of Irish rivers – Dr Aine O’Connor, NPWS

11:00 – Coffee Break

Session 1 cont’d. Rare or threatened aquatic species
(talks = 12 minutes + questions) – Dr Ian Donohue (Chair)

11:30 Do rare plants live in rare habitats? Najas flexilis in Ireland – Dr Cilian Roden, GMIT

11:45 Hotspots of Anguillicoliasis in the Republic of Ireland, with special reference to epidemiology of Anguillicola crassus (Nematoda) and the subsequent swimbladder health of the European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) – Dr Robert Cruikshanks, Inland Fisheries Ireland

12:00 Predation of Arctic char eggs by sympatric brown trout in Lough Cloon, Kerry – Dr Simon Harrison, UCC

12:15 Mysis salemaai, a unique component of Irish biodiversity, is challenged by multiple stressors – Marcin Penk, TCD

12:30 Mysis salemaai in Ireland, more and less – Katrina A Macintosh, University of Ulster

12:45 The Slender Amber Snail Oxyloma sarsii in Ireland – Dr Maria Long

13:00 Lunch

Session 1 cont’d: Rare or threatened aquatic species
(talks = 12 minutes + questions) Pascal Sweeney (Chair)


14:00 White clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) populations and channel maintenance in arterially drained Irish rivers – Rossa O’Briain, Inland Fisheries Ireland

14:15 The effect of two marking techniques on the behaviour of the white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) – Dr Martin Gammell, GMIT

Session 2: Well advanced research
(talks = 8 minutes + questions) – Dr Brian Nelson (Chair)

14:35 Prevention is better than cure. The case for aquatic invasive species control – Rory Sheehan, Sligo IT

14:45 The Stonefly (Plecoptera) of Ireland: a comprehensive review of their distribution and ecology – Dr Hugh Feeley, UCD

14:55 Competition between Lemna minuta and Lemna minor under different resources availability and under different temperatures – Simona Paolacci, UCC

15:05 Invasion of standing water bodies by alien macrophytes Darren Reidy, UCC

15:15 Water level fluctuations in Irish lakes – Dr Ian Donohue, TCD


Session 3: New and ongoing research
(talks = 5 minutes + questions) – Dr Heather Lally (Chair)

15:45 Micro-plastic pollution in Irish freshwater systems: Sources, impacts and fates – Dr Anne Marie Mahon, GMIT

15:55 Characterisation of the aquatic communities of ‘rare’ river types – Dr Edel Hannigan, UCD

16:05 The application of behavioural concepts in the management and conservation of freshwater animals – Dr Martin Gammell, GMIT

16:15 Incorporation of Ecosystem Services values in the Integrated Management of Irish Freshwater Resources (ESManage)– Dr Mary Kelly-Quinn, UCD

Dr Simon Harrison (Chair)