Update on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020

A final version of the Pollinator Plan is currently being agreed by all supporting organisations

The final version of the Plan has 5 objectives, 21 targets and 81 actions. More than 60 organisations have agreed to support the Plan, many of whom have accepted responsibility for specific actions.

Thanks are extended to all those who commenting on the draft All-Ireland Pollinator Plan during the consultation phase earlier in the year. A final version of the Plan has now been produced by the steering group following the consultation phase, which included both public and stakeholder engagement. A total of 70 organisations were invited to comment on the Plan; and submissions were received from 37 members of the public.

We have been overwhelmed, and extremely grateful, by the support for the Plan. The consultation phase was extremely positive and very constructive. As a result of this, incorporating the additional components and pulling everything together has taken slightly longer than anticipated. However, we now have a final version for checking. This is the version that will go to print, we hope that additional organisations will come on board to support during the life of the Plan.

Once all supporting organisations sign off on the final version of the Plan, it will then go to design stage. Once we have the designed version we will make arrangements for the publication and launch. Hopefully that will be in late summer or early autumn 2015.

On behalf of the steering group, thanks again to all who have engaging with this Plan, and for helping get it this far.